Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day!


This is a day to pick up the earth! Conserve it! Educate the inhabitants! Recycle and reuse!

You know that I feel that the home environment is the one that needs saving, so here is my twist on Earth Day.

I know that my home environment is in need of a little TLC. How about yours? I need to dedicate a day with the whole family to clean up the yard and to de-clutter the inside. What a great time of year to get out the biodegradable trash bags and go to town!

Getting the whole family involved will make all the difference for me. That is my way of conserving energy. I really need to educate the inhabitants of our home environment(my kids) about keeping their rooms tidy and respecting our home in general.

It will be a time that we can go through old clothes, toys, books etc...and recycle them by donating to the Salvation Army. I'm sure that we have so many things that we just don't need or use that could be very useful to someone else. I can't wait to re-coup some endangered space in my small abode.

This is such an important step in saving the home environment. I'm sure you can't deny the peaceful feeling that is in a home that is clean and the opposite is true as well. I don't have time or energy to spend with the family if I always feel depleted by clutter. It is amazing how it can zap your energy.

So this Earth Day I pledge to spend a day to clean up my home and make it a more beautiful place to live.

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