Monday, April 6, 2009

Get Ready For the Floods (Part 2)

Before you read this, please read Part 1.

So, why is this important? Why do our homes need a firm foundation?

When hard times come, and they will, you will be able to hold fast to each other for strength. The love, trust and foundation will be there. If you have faith in God, together you can gain strength through prayer and fasting. You will not curse God, but seek to understand His plan and learn to depend upon Him.

When your children are teenagers and making decisions for themselves, if they have a strong foundation, you can hope that they will remember and stand strong for the things they believe and have been taught. They hopefully will look for a spouse who has the same values and will be able to raise their children in a family with a strong foundation. This could be the most important decision of their life.

How can this change the world?

Our country was built on a foundation of freedom. It was based on judeochristian principles. God blessed this country to thrive and prosper. No civilization has ever seen such amazing advances in such a short span of history. Over time, the family has weakened and the world has seeped in. Black and white are now gray. Right and wrong are "more complicated" now. Our foundation on God and morality has begun to falter. Do you see it crumbling? I do. Do you see the very definition of the family being bombarded? Do you see children, teenagers and young adults being tossed to and fro because they have no foundation on which to stand?

It is all connected.

It all starts with the family.

We cannot let the government become our children's parents or our god.

We need to be our children's parents. If we can strengthen the family and teach correct values and principles, we can cement this foundation. Family by family, home by home we can raise young people who love God and country, who are honest and upright. THE FAMILY is the foundation and backbone of this country.

So prepare now for the floods and just remember that strength can result from stress, if you don't let it break you. You know deep down that the only way to grow is to wade your way through trials.

Remember.....remember to build your family upon a rock.

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  2. L♥ve and Hugs to you my precious friend :)